Monday, November 9, 2009

Purse Style Dog Carriers

Bad Ass Petz has been on a serious mission to find you the best Purse Style Dog Carriers. We have found more and more popular brands designing pet carriers that are no longer bulky and hard to carrier around. Designers are started to realize that you want to carry around your furry companions in style pet carriers even more, carriers that can look like a purse so you can walk around the town with your pet and no one will ever know.

Here are a few fabulous carriers we have found this week.

This is one of our GREAT finds. This carrier is based off of some of the type designs going on right now in handbags. You can walk into any Marshall's or Macy's and find a Giraffe print handbag. Well this giraffe purse style carrier can cross over as a purse but it's really a pet carrier! Priced at only $110.00. 

Purple, Purple, Purple! It's it just a fabulous and hot color trend this year! I find myself looking and buying anything that has purple in it. From purple boots to purple jewelry to purple pet products. Fashion has made this color a must have in all wardrobes. This carrier is also only $110.00 a small price to pay for such a wonderful commodity:

And last but not least we have chosen to show case one of our fave finds of the week. This stylish pink purse style dog carrier, and I mean Pink! This carrier has the word PINK in the front of the carrier. A must have for all Pink fans. I don't think Victoria Secret started when they designed their pink line! Retail Price: $145.00

All of the above purse style carriers are available for purchase on our website: Purse Style Dog Carriers Department

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